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The Sixth Form timetable  

Studying A-levels and/or Level 3 BTECs is very different from GCSE, and the timetable is also different. You will have 8-9 hours per fortnight per subject plus other sessions such as enrichment and Personal Development sessions.  

As a Sixth Form student, you will not always be in lessons, but you should always carry out independent work to support your studies. We’ll provide you with everything you need, from resources to skills, to ensure you cope with this change in learning style.  

Get involved  

Getting involved in many different opportunities outside of lessons is really important when you’re in Sixth Form. It’s not just about hitting the books—joining clubs, playing sports, or diving into activities makes your time in Sixth Form much more beneficial. The extra activities help you by making life more fun, which boosts your schoolwork. 

You’ll pick up some excellent skills, like leading a team, working together, and learning with others. These are like gold dust for your future—universities and bosses love seeing them, so it’s important to be able to show you’ve got them. 

Entry requirements 

All the details of our entry requirements are in our Sixth Form curriculum brochure or on the individual course outlines

To study a complete programme with us, you’ll generally need at least five GCSEs at grades 9-4, with a minimum of grade 4 in English and maths. Some subjects require specific GCSE grades, making moving into A-levels or BTECs much easier. 

These requirements are based on what we’ve learned works best and are in place to ensure you’re picking a course that’s right for you. They include things like showing a positive attitude towards your studies and agreeing to follow our Sixth Form rules. 

If you’ve studied in an education system outside the UK, our Sixth Form team will assess your equivalent qualifications and school report. 

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