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Uniform and equipment

We take pride in our school and our appearance matters. But, why?

Our school uniform…

  • unifies our student community, fostering a sense of togetherness and a shared purpose;
  • signifies that each student is part of a team, encouraging camaraderie and a shared identity;
  • emphasises that all team members are equal, erasing distinctions, reducing peer pressure and focusing on our collective goal;
  • creates a visual bond between students, enhancing trust across the school;
  • represents our school’s history, achievements, and values. By wearing the uniform, our students are inspired to uphold the school’s legacy and create a path for future generations;
  • and, allows our students to be ambassadors for Dallam in the local community.

Below is a list of our uniform requirements and links to some of our suppliers. 

School uniform  

  • clip-on tie in house colour and school badge
  • navy blue blazer
  • pale blue shirt
  • navy knee-length box pleat school skirt, or navy, dark grey or black tailored trousers (not skin tight)
  • black or navy socks or tights – not sports socks
  • a navy ‘v’ neck knitted pullover can be purchased but is not essential (no cardigans)
  • a rucksack (handbags are not allowed) which will fit in your locker.


  • Plain all-black, polishable, closed toe, formal leather school shoes which may be lace-up or slip-on or with low heel.
  • School shoes must not feature any logos, badges, colour or branding.
  • Students are not allowed to wear trainers, boots or canvas footwear, even if they are plain black.

Jewellery and makeup  

  • one wristwatch  
  • one signet ring   
  • one pair of plain stud earrings in ear lobe (no nose studs or any other body piercing) 
  • no visible nail varnish or makeup  
  • no acrylic nails 
  • no fake eyelashes 


Extreme hairstyles, more than one colour, or unnatural hair colours/extensions will not be accepted for school, nor will a very short haircut. 

P.E Kit  

  • Dallam sports polo shirt  
  • Dallam tracksuit/(hoodie/raincoat optional)  
  • red games socks and white trainer socks  
  • black/navy leggings (no branding) 
  • Dallam rugby shirt  
  • navy cotton shorts (rugby style) and/or navy polyester shorts, and/or navy skort as appropriate to the activity 
  • football boots (please note that blades are not allowed – rubber/metal studs only) 
  • trainers, shin pads, gum shield (essential-rugby/hockey), protective headgear (recommended-rugby). 


Having the correct equipment in school allows our students to be ready to learn and make a calm and settled start to each lesson. When students do not have all the equipment they need this impacts on their readiness to learn and does not make the best start to every learning experience.

Students arriving at school prepared to learn with the correct equipment is key to their daily success and promotes the soft skills of organisation, forward planning, taking responsibility and looking after resources essential for their future life prospects.

Equipment list

Students are to have the following equipment:

Essential (everyday)

  • 2 x black or blue pens
  • Pencil, sharpener and rubber
  • Ruler
  • Scientific Calculator
  • A paper copy of their timetable

Recommended (everyday)

  • Back up black or blue pens
  • Back up pencil
  • 5 different coloured pencils or highlighters
  • Glue stick
  • Safety scissors
  • Purple pen
  • Dictionary

Required at certain points (teachers will advise when required)

  • Compass
  • Protractor

Where can I buy a school uniform? 

  • Dallam Uniform Shop for Dallam-crested blazers, blazer badges and PE kit.  
  • Pleated skirt supplier
  • Trousers, skirts, shirts, jumpers, coats and bags can be bought from other retailers, as long as they comply with our uniform guide.     
  • Contact Dallam PTA to see what quality second-hand uniform is available on   
  • Sixth Form students do not wear school uniform. Find out more about being a Dallam Sixth Former


At Dallam we provide all students with a locker for secure storage of students’ bags, coatsand PE kit. This is a costly undertaking and to help ensure that all students can have a locker we ask for a refundable deposit to ensure this is a financially viable proposition. All students are expected to have a locker and are asked to pay a deposit of £25. This is refundable at the point where the student leaves Dallam School. If the student loses their locker key a new one will be provided but there will be a £5 deduction from the initial deposit for each lost key. Please note that only one key will be provided for a locker and that students are not allowed to share.

We will expect that students use their lockers particularly at lunchtime so that bags are not left in corridors creating a health and safety risk. Please note that students should have bags which will fit into the lockers. Handbags are not acceptable. Our preferred method of payment is via Parentmail. Parents will receive an email inviting
them to register for Parentmail at Dallam shortly. We can also accept payment by cheque, payable to “Dallam School” with your child’s name and tutor group on the reverse.

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