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Throughout your time at Dallam, we will highlight different careers, the skills you will need, and the various routes to get to where you want to go.   

When you’re considering your future, we encourage you to focus on your interests, what motivates you, and your skills. We also encourage you to challenge gender stereotypes and not let them sway you from your career aspirations. Once upon a time, female police officers or male nurses would have been unheard of!    

Work experience  

Work experience isn’t just limited to Cumbria and Lancashire. There are ways to gain work experience with employers all over the country through virtual work experience programmes.    Experiences can be as short as a one-hour insight into an organisation through to a full week’s work experience. You can do it in your own time both after school and during holidays, to build useful evidence for your CVs and future applications. 

Here are some useful resources you should consider, especially when you are planning what you want to do after Year 9, Year 11, and Year 13. 

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