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Communication upgrade

Communication upgrade

Since September, Dallam School has been rolling out the beginning phase of a programme called ‘School Synergy’.  School Synergy is a comprehensive and powerful system that works to improve the level of communication, both internally and with parents, and streamlines a lot of the administrative tasks that take place at teacher and admin level during the working day.

What does this mean for you and your children?

As the software continues to roll out over the course of the year, a lot of the processes we use to contact you will transfer to the School Synergy platform.  We will use this to send letters and messages, display homework assignments and attendance and excellence points.  With the use of the School Synergy app, you will be able to login and access information about the progress they are making, almost in real time.

A student app is also in development and this will be released soon.

In short, School Synergy will make our communication with you quicker and easier.

What are the next steps?

Early in the new year, you will receive an access code to the parent and student portals. This can be accessed via the portal websites or via the app.  If you are a parent of more than one child at Dallam, you will be able to link them together so that their information can be accessed via one account.

We will be issuing some training videos and How-To guides as this process develops.  We will also begin to increase the level of communication via School Synergy and inform you as we begin to make more and more information available for you to access.

We are proud to be working with School Synergy and we are excited about the benefits that this will bring to the relationship and communication between staff, students and parents.

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