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Yesterday’s sports results

Yesterday’s sports results

It was a foggy session for our four matches against fellow South Lakes Federation school, Kirkbie Kendal.  Dallam hosted outdoor hockey matches on the all-weather pitch and netball matches in the sports hall.

They were great matches and we were obviously pleased with the results (see below), but more so with the students taking part and demonstrating our school values of endeavour in trying hard and respect for the game and the other team.

Thank you to Kirkbie Kendal for coming to Milnthorpe for some thoroughly exciting Tuesday after-school sports fixtures. 

Year 7 hockey team

Year 8 hockey team

Year 8 netball team

One of Dallam’s Year 9 netball teams


  • The Year 7 hockey team won 3-0.  Player of the match was Ava, Year 7
  • The Year 8 hockey team lost 3-6.  Player of the match was Sam, Year 8
  • The Year 8 netball team won 10-1.  Player of the match was Aasha, Year 8
  • One of our Year 9 netball teams played and they won 7-4.  Player of the match was Lydia, Year 9
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