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Sixth Form art at Silverdale

Sixth Form art at Silverdale

Year 12 A level Art students have been looking at the work of Kurt Jackson, who frequently uses mixed media in open air settings to produce pieces reflecting his passion for environment and landscape and how his political views are shaped by this.

Seascapes form a large part of his portfolio, so, having the sea on Dallam’s doorstep it made sense to take advantage of the unmatched landscape of our local area.

Mr. Field, Miss Hutchinson and ten students travelled to Silverdale shore to work with charcoal, pastel and acrylics, developing their ‘multi-media’ approach and experiencing working on ‘canvas’ outdoors.  Natural resources were also introduced with mud, sand and grit mixed with the paint, making the finished work truly representative of the surroundings.

It was a chilly old day, but the students were enthusiastic, engaged and braved the elements until the last to produce great work from some spectacular changes in light and sea.

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