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Primary schools rugby tournament at Dallam

Primary schools rugby tournament at Dallam

Yesterday, we welcomed seven of our local primary schools to Dallam to take part in a tag rugby tournament.  The event was organised by Mrs Garnett, our Primary Liaison PE Coordinator and supported by our Sixth Form Sports Leaders who were on hand to referee matches and provide refreshments for the primary schools’ staff and pupils.

There was great excitement, enthusiasm and energy from all the primary pupils playing matches on Dallam’s all-weather pitch.  Pupils were thrilled to be at a ‘big school’, and proud comments were overheard to friends like, “My big sister comes here.”  The Sixth Form sports leader referees were fantastic with the pupils and made them feel at ease, even though they were twice the height of most of them.

16 teams, comprising approximately 130 primary school pupils,  got to enjoy the buzz of the afternoon.  They didn’t let the damp weather dampen their enthusiasm.

Dallam School runs a number of primary events throughout the year.  It is a great way for pupils to familiarise themselves with their nearest, local secondary school and offers valuable facilities to the primary schools so they can have competitions against other local primary schools.  We will be inviting our local primaries back next term for a summer rounders tournament.  

“Well done to the pupils and staff of the seven primaries in our school community that came and took part.  We can already see some great sporting talent on the horizon, and look forward to welcoming you all back soon.”

Mrs Garnett, Primary Liaison PE Coordinator.

Thanks to the following schools for participating:

  • Arnside National CofE Primary School
  • Beetham CofE Primary School
  • Burton Morewood CofE Primary School
  • Crosscrake CofE School
  • Holme Community School
  • Levens CofE School
  • Storth CofE Primary School
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