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Congratulations to the new Senior Student Leadership Team!

Congratulations to the new Senior Student Leadership Team!

Huge congratulations to James E and Katie N who are now in post as Head Students 2023-24 and Jenny M and Luna P who are now Deputy Head Students. This fantastic group of students form our new Senior Student Leadership Team. 

In the final stage of the selection process, each of the four Sixth Form students put forward their pitch to be Head Student.  This went to a staff and student vote.  Read below what our new Head Students are passionate about doing in their new role:

James, Head Student
I really enjoy my sports and one of the main reasons I have decided to run for Head Student is to make sure sports clubs and extra-curricular sports activities are a key aspect of school life going forwards for everyone. As much as exams are important and grades count towards your future, with pressure from others to achieve; sports can distract your mind from this pressure of exams and can give you something to look forward to doing at certain points each week so you have something to look forward to as well as the hard work academically. In terms of Head Student Leadership Team, I would bring more sporting opportunities open to everyone such as internal competitions for rounders, football, benchball etc, to the table as well as being an approachable individual who will listen to everyone’s opinions and voice them across in the best way possible to make the school a better and safer environment for academics and of course sports. Making sure everyone is heard.

Katie, Head Student
I would like to further nurture an inclusive and supportive environment within Dallam. I want to ensure everyone in our school feels represented and their opinions are heard and valued.  I believe in ensuring everyone has a positive experience at Dallam. I particularly wish to establish more integration across the years by introducing more activities across the whole school for example in Creative Arts.  I aim to drive initiatives to create a sustainable Dallam for the future.  I am an approachable team worker who will work hard to represent all.

Massive thanks go to the outgoing Senior Student Leadership Team of 2022-23 – Patrick, Isla, Hannah and Sian.  We wish you all the very best in your final exams and wherever your future path takes you.

Head students 2022-23

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