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New leadership programme for Yrs 8-10

New leadership programme for Yrs 8-10

We have now launched a Subject Ambassador Award for Dallam students in Years 8-10.  A successful, more advanced, Subject Ambassador programme has been running in Dallam Sixth Form for a number of years.  The Dallam School version will run in a similar way and with similar aims – to develop skills that employers and Further Education institutions look for, and independence skills to help students become better learners and more resilient young adults.

How does it work?

Students choose which of their subjects they want to be a Subject Ambassador for, then each half term, students must complete one agreed task that relates to each of our school values and their chosen subject.  Tasks can vary but could include activities like:

  • Compassion – helping out a classmate or teacher
  • Endeavour – completing three ‘stretch and challenge’ activities
  • Courage – having a go at something out of their comfort zone 

This scheme is a stepping stone into leadership activities at Dallam Sixth Form.  For students who wish to start employment at 16 the Subject Ambassador Award is a way for them to demonstrate some great employability skills.

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