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Personal Development lessons hit the right spot

Personal Development lessons hit the right spot

All students at Dallam School and Sixth Form have regular Personal Development (PDev) lessons to provide them with personal growth so they leave us with the skills to manage everyday life.  PDev lessons cover the following subject areas:

  • careers and finance 
  • citizenship and ethics 
  • healthy living 
  • personal safety  
  • personal wellbeing 
  • relationships and sex education. 

In addition to this, some of our students have been working with KEY Project, a local charity working with young people for their physical, personal, social and emotional development to help them ‘Unlock Their Potential’ and make informed choices in life.  KEY has been running a weekly extra-curricular well-being drop-in club, a well-being programme with a smaller group of students teaching them essential emotional coping strategies and healthy eating and sleep habits to help them become resilient and informed young people.  Some Year 11 students have been having boxing lessons to teach them a positive, healthy mindset and self-discipline.

“The well-being programme has helped me to understand more about the way I am feeling.”

Well-being programme participant
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