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Dallam Sixth Form Announces New Student Leadership Team for 2024-2025

Dallam Sixth Form Announces New Student Leadership Team for 2024-2025

Dallam School is proud to introduce its new student leadership team for the 2024-25 academic year. The team, consisting of six dynamic and dedicated sixth form students, has already begun making a positive impact within the school community.

The newly appointed leaders were chosen following interviews with Mrs Wilcock, Head of Sixth Form, and Mr Henneberry, Headteacher, and a staff and student vote. The student vote was led by Miss Edwards, Deputy Head of Sixth Form, who will be working with the team next year.

They are:

  • Amelia Knox and Isabella Cass – Head Students: Amelia and Isabella will attend governors’ meetings, represent Dallam at major functions, and act as key role models. They will also lead the Sixth Form Student Leadership Team and organise regular assemblies throughout the year.
  • Archie De-Silver – Well-being Lead: Archie will focus on initiatives that improve the wellbeing of sixth form students, creating a supportive environment where everyone feels safe and valued.
  • Jack Hemsley – Student Voice Lead: Jack will gather student feedback and advocate for the student body, ensuring that students’ voices are heard and considered in school decisions.
  • Tom Hacking – Events Lead: Tom will be responsible for planning and organising events within the sixth form, including the prom and various tournaments, ensuring these events are memorable and well-executed.
  • Afifah Patel – Community Lead: Afifah will work on outreach initiatives, building connections between the sixth form, lower school, and the wider community.

The team kicked off their roles by conducting student voice questionnaires about tutorial time and the canteen food, delivering an insightful assembly on Clean Air to younger students, and preparing speeches for the upcoming KS3 awards evening.

Amelia Knox, Head Student, shared her excitement:

“When I first started at Dallam, I didn’t know many people and I felt overwhelmed. Since then, I’ve made many friends and experienced amazing opportunities. I want to ensure that everyone feels welcomed, valued, and included. I am excited to be a friendly face around the school and to help organise events that enhance our community feel.”

Isabella Cass, Head Student, echoed this sentiment:

“I want every student to have an amazing experience at Dallam and be given the support they need to thrive. I will do my best to ensure all voices are heard and to represent our school with pride. I aim to be an advocate and spokesperson for the issues that matter to Dallam students.”

Mrs Wilcock, Head of Sixth Form, expressed her enthusiasm:

“We are delighted to have our next Sixth Form Student Leadership Team in post. All these students demonstrated courage and endeavour in their interviews, and we are excited to see what they can bring to our School and Sixth Form over the next academic year. We have moved to more specific roles to enhance the leadership opportunities for our Sixth Form students, and to align with our school values.”

The new team members have already started their roles. They will serve from May 2024 to February 2025.

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