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Developing real job interview skills

Developing real job interview skills

Over 170 Year 11 students had the opportunity for individual interview experience.  Students presented the interviewer with their CV, experienced real interview questions and then got valuable feedback from the interviewer on what they did well and where to make improvements.  This is part of Dallam’s ongoing careers guidance programme to help students gain skills for work and to understand more about the recruitment processes companies use.  Interview days give our students some experience and knowledge of what to expect to give them confidence when the real time comes when applying for jobs or university or apprenticeship places. 

On the same day, all our Year 10 students took part in a careers afternoon to work on understanding their transferable skills and how to construct a biospec/CV.  Eight organisations gave short presentations to inform all the students about:

  • what their organisation does
  • what jobs or courses are available to them
  • what level of qualification is needed to enter their job roles at different levels
  • and how their career can progress within that organisation.

Through our experience of running careers events, we understand that students in Year 10 may be shy about approaching company stands in a traditional careers fair format and they may be unsure of what questions to ask.  Our carousel approach made it easier for them to get round all the organisations and get the key information in small groups in an informal way so communication between organisations and students was simpler.

Here are some comments about our interviewees from our fantastic interviewers:

All students were well prepared and willing to discuss all questions asked. Was lovely to see their honesty if they were unsure about career path.

All the students had made an effort for the interviews and engaged well in them. A pleasure to try to assist them.

Great to help and support. You have some amazing young people at the school.

The students were all pleasant and polite and well prepared. Some knew exactly what they wanted to do, others were unsure. But both types responded well to advice. It was a pleasure to help.

We would like to thank the individuals and organisations that gave their time for this valuable, real-world, educational experience  helping to shape a future generation of succesful workers and learners:

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Dallam School
Milnthorpe, Cumbria, LA7 7DD
Mr Steven Henneberry
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