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Future business empire builders

Future business empire builders

Our Year 12 A Level Business students got the opportunity to put their theoretical learning into practice at our annual business presentations event.  Acting as financial analysts, the A Level students chose a company to research and then present to our expert panel of financial planners why they think the company is a good investment.

Each year, local financial planning company, FMB give their time to act as a judging panel.  They are looking for evidence that students have considered all aspects of the companies they are proposing as investment such as:

  • share price and dividends
  • market share
  • competitors
  • economic patterns
  • technological and social issues.

There were four presentations covering very different companies:

  1. Pfizer – pharmaceutical industry
  2. Teladoc – healthcare company
  3. Hugo Boss – fashion giant
  4. Gildan – clothing company

Mr Blyth, A Level Business teacher commented,

“Today our A Level Business students again had opportunity to present in their role as investment analysts to Financial Management Bureau. We are indebted to the company for their ongoing support. It is so important for students to see the integration of their academic studies in school, with the world of work and possible future careers. I am truly proud of them all. It is no mean feat to stand up in front of an audience and present professionally. This is a real skill for life”

We would like to thank Roger Jackson, Director at FMB and Josh Grant, Assistant Relationship Manager at FMB for their time. Roger said

“Business and finance have always been a passion of mine, initially sparked by an inspirational teacher at Dallam, Rob Blyth, who used external judges to appraise a presentation we gave as students. This part of the curriculum still lives on today and luckily, I have the pleasure of judging (as opposed to being judged!). This standout event is something I am personally proud to support. I am constantly amazed as to the work that the students put into the project, as well as the presentation skills they showcase. Well done to all involved”

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