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Enriched learning through school trips

Enriched learning through school trips

Our school departments are planning a range of enriched learning experiences through school trips for students in all years.  There are a multiple benefits to school trips:

  • Trips reinforce classroom learning; students can see what they have been learning about in a real-world situation. 
  • Trips are an excellent way to expand students’ views and perspectives on global issues.
  • Trips can help students engage with subjects in a different way to help learning and retention.
  • Trips can give students lifelong memories.  Do you still remember some of your school trips?

Trips will take place to the following destinations:

  • Iceland
  • London
  • Berlin
  • Manchester
  • Rome
  • Paris
  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Liverpool

The trips are designed to enhance students learning in history, geography, foreign languages, RE, science and creative arts.

We will of course be taking advantage of our nearby rich glacial and coastal environments for some geography fieldwork trips too.

More details of trips for each year group and subject will be sent to parents in due course.

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