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Dallam School as you’ve never seen it

Dallam School as you’ve never seen it

Dallam School comprises three different sites – the main school site in Milnthorpe and our boarding site and the sports site, Tristrams Playing Fields, in Heversham.  Miss Hutchinson, a Dallam alumni and now Art and Technology Technician at Dallam is a familiar face to us all.  However, many don’t know she is also a great illustrator.  Miss Hutchinson has produced this beautiful illustration depicting all the Dallam sites as one image.  Let’s hear from her to find out more about being a former Dallam student and her thoughts on creating the Dallam map illustration. 

Blog by Miss Hutchinson – artist, musician and former Dallam student

Commissioned for this artwork I had to try and incorporate the inspirations and information required by the school whilst producing an illustration unique to Dallam and its picturesque surroundings.

I had the idea of a folded map being the best way to overcome the main challenge of encompassing three sites on one page, presenting them equally whilst still conveying their separation. The ‘folds’ allowed me to ‘reduce’ distances and pull it all together in an interesting framework appropriate to Dallam’s rural setting in an area of walking, climbing and exploration.

Having studied and worked at the school I felt a strong sense of connection in taking on this task. I started Dallam as a Sixth Former in 1996, experiencing for the first time the unusual combination of a state boarding school. Fellow students could be from as far away as Hong Kong or simply British-based, which provided a rich supply of global stories and interesting backgrounds to broaden my horizons.

I became a member of staff in 1999 and remain there to this day, part-time, whilst pursuing my art and music business outside work. Though I didn’t go to University, my creativity succeeded through the encouragement and support of those I met at Dallam School.

I have seen a lot of changes during such length of service and in drawing the map I was also drawing on my own memories of the developments over time, applying not only current knowledge, but injecting a spirit of long association with a school like no other.

The boarding facilities continue to offer a valuable dimension to the school whose heritage joins the aspirations of over 400 years of historic continuity, with the forward-thinking comprehensive approach of more recent times. This provides a truly multi-faceted background which not only nurtures the education of those boarding with us from across Britain and the world but also offers our day students a chance to make friendships that may otherwise be inaccessible to them. An important learning experience for all.

Dallam School Branding
Dallam School
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