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Behind the scenes in the Science Prep Room

Behind the scenes in the Science Prep Room

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in the science prep room?   

At Dallam, practical work is a key part of the science curriculum, and for students, it can help to bring the learning to life.  Ask any science teacher and they will tell you that practical science just could not happen without the dedicated support of our technician team.  Before school and long after students have left for the day, our highly skilled science technician team is hard at work preparing for the next round of practical lessons.  From preparing chemicals to trialling fun investigations for students, the work of a technician is rarely complete. Mr McKenna, one of our Science Technicians, ready with a packed afternoon of practical work for students. 

Over 150 practical activities have been booked in for classes over the last fortnight.  Here are a couple of highlights: 

Investigating forces (Year 12) 

Investigating roller coaster design (Year 10 CREST Award) 

Being a science technician is an incredibly rewarding and exciting role and we are always looking to grow our technician team.  If you would like to find out more about becoming a school science technician, please contact our HR team. 

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