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Helping animals while developing teamwork skills

Helping animals while developing teamwork skills

A group of Year 10 students were brought together to complete a charity project. The students shared ideas and decided on Animal Care in Lancaster as their chosen charity.

After discussing many ideas for how they might be able to help they decided to collect second-hand donations – such as old towels, leads and suitable bedding – for the charity to use with the animals in their shelters.  The project brought out the students’ compassion, one student said,

“I care about animals, and I feel sorry for them, they get abused or abandoned and it’s not right”.

The group made a poster to encourage people to donate items for the shelter. 

While the animals benefited from the generosity of the school community, the students did too.  Teamwork, sharing ideas, listening and helping others are valuable opportunities for learning and building self-esteem.  Well done to all involved!

Animal Care collect donations for the shop or the shelter all year round, please help them if you can.  Visit their website here –

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