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A look inside our English department

A look inside our English department

Students at Dallam have a range of opportunities available to them to read books not necessarily on the curriculum and take part in creative writing competitions that allow them to show their many talents. This post looks at three examples of these.

The Wanderer Competition

As part of the school’s World Book Day celebrations, Key Stage 3 classes looked at Peter Van Den Ende’s graphic novel The Wanderer before being set a challenge: could they come up with a short story marrying texts and images of their own? Many fantastic entries were received, with the overall winner being Percy G. Barraclough in Year 7, who will receive a £10 book token and his work will go on display for all to admire! Below are just a selection of the most creative entries submitted by our very imaginative students:

Carnegie Book Club

Ms Best in the English Department is running a book club – and she wants any keen readers to join! Every Tuesday lunchtime in the school library, the club will gather to look at the eight shortlisted books for the Carnegie Award 2024. Books will be read, discussed and voted on for which one the students think is the ultimate winner! All students are most welcome to join in the fun.

John Fielding Prize

John Fielding was an inspirational English teacher at Dallam School’s forerunner, Heversham Grammar. In his honour, alongside some ex-alumni taught by the late Mr Fielding, the English Department run an annual a short story competition – and the winners will receive a cash prize! Top prize can win between £50 and £75.

Stories should be between 1000 and 3000 words in length and the competition is open to all students from Years 7-13. Stories must be typed and then emailed to the student’s English teacher. The deadline is 05 July 2024. We look forward to reading your entries! 

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