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Dallam School is part of the South Westmorland Multi Academy Trust (SWMAT) and is currently the only school within the Multi Academy Trust. 

Dallam’s School’s Local Advisory Committee (LAC) reports to the SWMAT. Members exercise the responsibilities and duties delegated by the Trust Board as set out in the Scheme of Delegation

The Dallam School Local Advisory Committee is the eyes and ears of the Trust Board and the guardian of the school’s ethos and uniqueness. It is responsible for being central to the Dallam School local community and feeding back views and thoughts from students, staff, parents/carers and the community.  

Dallam LAC agrees and monitors the performance of our School Improvement Plan and is integral in helping to drive up standards and overall school performance, providing challenge and input to school leaders. 

We also benefit from the Dallam School Charitable Trust. The Trust owns much of the land and buildings at the Heversham and Milnthorpe sites and provides funding support for the maintenance of the school and key school improvements. 

Read more about Dallam’s Governance and Statutory Information

The documents on this page provide details of how the SWMAT is structured and the names, categories, responsibilities, and terms of appointment for Members, Trustees, and Local Advisory Committee members.   

The information provided also includes a Register of Business Interests and meeting attendance details, which are regularly updated. 

If you would like to contact the Chair of Governors or would like any further information regarding our governance arrangements, please email Mrs Coyle, MAT Governance Clerk– 

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